The Wellness and Advocacy Center Quarterlife Support GroupQuarter Life Support Group

Tania Carrillo
Peer Support Specialist

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About the Quarterlife Support Group

For those of you wondering why these haven´t been the "best years of your life" so far…

Meet and socialize with other people your age…
discuss issues, and learn real life skills they didn´t teach you in school, like housing, healthy self-esteem, relationships, or navigating the bureaucracy of being an adult.

A group that supports young adults (ages 18-25), diagnosed with some kind of mental or emotional disorder (Depression, Schizophrenia, ADD/ADHD, Bi-Polar, PTSD, etc.)

  • Support/Feedback from peers
  • Tangible Resources (ie. DMV forms, School Registration, Financial Aid, SSI, Housing, etc)
  • Finding romantic partners and maintaining social relationships through good communication
  • School and life pathways, traditional and alternative
  • Career and Job help