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About the Art Program

Our approach for the Art Program is to focus on process not on final product. Art is enjoyed by a vast number of people, but many people seem to have the idea that good art displays high technical skills.
Art is not about the displaying of one’s skills.

Our art room is an open-style studio, we do not do directed art projects unless someone really needs to have one because we respect that everyone´s creative moment is very personal. People have many different levels of exposure and understanding of art. We treat everyone on an individual basis. Our concept of fine art is very broad.


We are happy to provide a wide selection of art and craft supplies even with our tight budget. We have drawing, coloring, and painting supplies. People enjoy beading and jewelry-making, collage, letter writing, and much more. Periodically, we invite members and volunteers to facilitate guided activities. Please ask for volunteer possibilities.

Artist Contract

We promote Wellness artists (crafts welcome) by showing their work and/or selling. Our most popular items are digital archival reproductions. For our digital print out items 50% goes to the artist. The center only keeps the rest to cover the cost of materials and production.

"Artist Contract" was made available to protect and to educate our member artist´s rights. It will be unique to each individual artist. So, please ask the Art Director for more details.

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